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Herndon Town Election Results PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Ed Robichaud   


Mayor      MAYOR                                                              Member Town Council (6)

Lisa        Lisa C. Merkel        966           Eric H. Boll                                 1,175                     

               Jasbinder Singh      561           Jeffrey L. Davidson                    1,166                        

               "Bill" Tirrell              928           Connie H. Hutchinson              1,580                       

                                                   C. Melissa Jonas                       1,257                    

                                                  David A. "Dave" Kirby                1,284                     

                                                    Shiela A. Olem                          1,288           

                                                   Charlie D. Waddell                     1,295        

                                                   David N. Webster II                     1,152    

                                                   Grace Han Wolf                          1,328            

unofficial results from Fairax Board of Elections (as of 9 PM, 1 May 2012)

23% voter turnout

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