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TOPIC: Re:The Constitutionality of Executive Priveledge

Austin (Visitor)
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The Constitutionality of Executive Priveledge 2007/06/28 22:09 Karma: 1  
The utter lack of transparency in our government these days is appalling. Pursuant to my last post on national referendum and Hamiltonianism it seems that not only is the average American to ignorant to cast a vote for himself, but (s)he is also to frail to be privy to the true machinations of government. The (most) recent debacle on the hill over executive priveledge and the documents surrounding the attorney generals' office firing of several prosecutors seems to be proof of this.
White House Council insists that "The president, through the course of executing his constitutional duties, must be permitted to recieve unfettered advice from attorney's". And would those duties include preserving the integrity of separation of powers? What about transparency, as all democracies are not only entitled to but require if they are to survive as democracies?
It seems that this administration is missing a fundamental contradiction when they refuse to obey a subpoena for documents related to an investigation. They see fit to institute all manner of measures to "ensure the security of the homeland" (a nefarious reference if I've ever heard one), with the logic that people who are not enemies of freedom then they should have nothing to fear. Doesn't the same hold true for our elected officials? If they are really not involved in an improprietous acts then transparency should not be an issue.
Some argue that the sensitive nature of their jobs prohibit transparency. However elected officials, and Republicans in particular are quite fond of citing the "higher" standard corrollary prior to burning the latest catch at the stake. Yet it is the people that bear the unconscionable burden of the higher standard. We the people have come under unprecedented scrutiny and have granted access to our personal lives and records to this "regime" while even the most public of officials flaut the law of the land and conduct their business well outside the periphery of the American public.
The President of the United States cannot afford secrecy. He cannot afford lack of tranparency. And neither can we the people.
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Dave (Visitor)
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Re:The Constitutionality of Executive Priveledge 2007/07/10 04:49 Karma: 0  
I second that.
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